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Mission Statement

The mission of the Sujijantarat Animal Sanctuary for Kanchanaburi 4 Legs is to make a lasting impact on the sick, injured, and abandoned dogs and cats who inhabit the streets of Thailand by providing emergency treatment, medication, nourishment, and shelter for this vulnerable population. We take on the most hopeless cases and nurse them back to health and only releasing them for adoption after being spayed or neutered to aid in the overpopulation of strays. We also vaccinate all of our animals to combat the epidemic of animal diseases that accompany overcrowding.

If you believe in our mission, please consider becoming a foundation sponsor by donating your time, becoming a financial sponsor, or adopting one of our angels.

About Us

Thailand has struggled with an overpopulation of stray dogs for decades. There are thousands of homeless dogs in Kanchanaburi wandering aimlessly to find a meal, a patch of shade or just a loving caress from a passerby.

The Sujijantarat Animal Sanctuary (SAS) for Kanchanaburi 4 Legs, is located on a 1.7-acre plot of land in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, about 2 hours northwest of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The sanctuary was developed and designed by Dr. Nanthiya Sujijantarat and her family, who were inspired by the work of the Kanchanaburi 4 Legs rescue group and shared the desire to see the stray dog population and animal abuse in Thailand diminish. Kanchanaburi 4 Legs moved to name the shelter after her family to recognize their tremendous contributions to this effort.

Since 2009, Kanchanaburi 4 Legs has been selflessly taking strays off the streets of Kanchanaburi, Bangkok, and their vicinity, and nursing them back to health. They worked tirelessly to ensure that all animals received proper medical care and were spayed and neutered to aid in the overpopulation of stray animals. Kanchanaburi 4 Legs has saved over 500 dogs and cats to date, raising them initially on a small patch of land using generous donations from caring locals who believed in their mission. SAS was born out of the desire to provide these animals with safe, sanitary, and sustainable housing that encourages daily exercises and healthy interactions between animals.


Through this collaboration, SAS aims to rescue and treat as many stray dogs and cats as possible. Emphasis is placed on our sterilization program as SAS is a no-kill shelter, and sterilization is the only proven and sustainable method of reducing the stray population. SAS also aims to educate the community of our pet sterilization, vaccination, and adoption efforts. Our goal is to reduce the number of strays left on the streets to be harmed or inhumanely euthanized. With your help, we hope to continue to provide proper care and loving homes to these helpless animals in need.

The Sanctuary

The Sujijantarat Animal Sanctuary (SAS) for Kanchanaburi 4 Legs was designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient to ensure that the sanctuary reaches maximum efficiency in the number of animals we are able to house. The goal is to have as many resources and donations as possible go directly to the care and treatment of our animals. 

  • The building is raised to avoid flooding in the rainy season, and faces north/south to hide from the Kanchanaburi sun. This obviates the need for air-conditioning in many rooms and cuts the cost of electricity in the summer.

  • Two large water tanks on the property collect rain water used to clean the animal living spaces.

  • The rooms for animals are positioned so that bio-waste can easily be routed to a septic tank, which is then further processed to be used as fertilizer for the garden and fruit-bearing trees on the property.

  • The land incorporates a 13,000 ft² fenced in outdoor area to ensure exercises and healthy interactions between the animals. A shallow pond allows the dogs to cool off during the summer months.

  • SAS promotes local economy by using labor and materials from Kanchanaburi.

SAS Design

Goals and Projects

Short term Projects
  • Streamline animal intake process 

  • Establish a volunteer program 

  • Ramp up our adoption program 

  • Plant more trees for shading and create a better play space for the animals

Long term Projects (next 5 years)
  • Create a program that supports sustainability effort in the local Kanchanaburi community, including those that may not be related to animals. This may include sanitation improvement, local education, and global health project.

  • Increase adoption rates to 30% 

  • Have an on-site veterinarian

Our Mission

Our U.S. Team

Nanthiya Sujijantarat, MD

President and Founder

Deseree Jones

Vice President,

Social Media Manager

Mayra Maribel Orduna

Chief Financial Officer

Our Local Team

Napachanok Tadsananutariyakul

Kanchanaburi 4 Legs Executive Admin


SAS is looking for

  • Social media manager volunteer - if you love animals and are fluent in Thai and English, this volunteer position is perfect for you. You can work remotely from anywhere. Your duty includes posting on social media about once a day, and updating website with new dogs/cats about once a week.

  • General volunteer - perfect for anyone living near Kanchanaburi and enjoy being around animals. Even if you can't come by regularly, we would love to have you. Your only duty is to have fun while providing these angels with their daily exercises!​

  • Veterinarian volunteer

  • Veterinarian tech volunteer

  • Fundraising help 

  • Anything else you can think of, we are all ears!

Thanks! Message sent.

Our Team
Goals and Projects
The Sanctuary
About Us
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