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Sponsorship Facts

What is your sponsorship donation used for?

  • Food 

  • Utilities including electricity, water, sewage, trash

  • Vaccinations and medical care

  • Sterilization of incoming animals

  • On-site full-time caretakers

What is your estimated cost for each animal?

  • $35,000/year for approximately 150 animals (dogs and cats) -> approximately $20 per animal (dog/cat) per month. See Operational Cost for cost breakdown.

What happens to dogs with no sponsor?

  • Your donation is used to support all dogs and cats, even ones without sponsors.

What do I receive upon sponsorship?

  • Sponsorship certificate

  • Photograph of your sponsored dog

  • Please make sure you include the name of the dog you wish to sponsor in the comment section of PayPal donation page

Am I the only sponsor for my dog?

  • In order to provide adequate care, we allow dogs to be sponsored by more than one person

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