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Adoptable Dogs/Cats

Adoption Application

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Adoption FAQs

  • Do we have to go to the shelter to adopt the dog/cat?

    • Currently, SAS does not have a travel service and animals can only be adopted from our shelter in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. We are happy to arrange for free transportation to a suitable home if you live within a 3-hour radius of the shelter.

  • Are the dogs house-trained or crate-trained?

    • All dogs from SAS are sterilized and fully vaccinated. We cannot guarantee that they are house-trained or crate-trained. 

  • What is the adoption fee?

    • Adoption is free to a suitable home.

  • What should I bring to adopt a dog/cat?

    • If you have a small child/children, a dog, or a cat at home, please bring them with you to choose your dog or cat. Please also bring photos of your home.

Adoption Application
Adoption FAQs
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