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SAS is looking for

  • Social media manager volunteer - if you love animals and are fluent in Thai and English, this volunteer position is perfect for you. You can work remotely from anywhere. Your duty includes posting on social media about once a day, and updating website with new dogs/cats about once a week.

  • General volunteer - perfect for anyone living near Kanchanaburi and enjoy being around animals. Even if you can't come by regularly, we would love to have you. Your only duty is to have fun while providing these angels with their daily exercises!​

  • Veterinarian volunteer

  • Veterinarian tech volunteer

  • Fundraising help 

  • Anything else you can think of, we are all ears!

Thanks! Message sent.

Volunteer Form

Global Vet Assistant Volunteer


​Volunteer veterinary assistants are essential to the success of SAS. We depend on the knowledge and compassion of those who generously contribute their time and expertise—we literally could not do it without your support. While you will have the opportunity to gain valuable clinical veterinary experience, you will undoubtedly also be changing the lives of our animals for the better! Veterinarian assistants will work closely with staff providing quality care for our animals as well as advocating and educating the community about important animal issues. We care for as many as 200 animals at a time with many unique medical needs.

  • Intake history documentation of new animals to the shelter

  • Triage critical animals and arrange transport to the veterinary hospital

  • Physical exams and assessments of new and current animals

  • Administer and record: vaccinations, antiparasitic treatments to the animals

  • Tending to the various medical needs of the animals, updating records

  • Assist in organizing a quarterly animal community outreach to educate people about our shelter and how they can become involved in adopting/fostering our animals

  • Future works: coordinate a rotation with the local vet hospital where our animals are admitted so you can have continuity of care

Dates Available: 


Weekly Shifts: 
  • Mon-Wed 9am-12pm

  • Wed-Fri 9am-12pm

  • Sat-Mon 9am-12pm

  • If there are multiple volunteers, these can be done as rotating 2-week shifts

Time commitment:

Minimum of 1 month

Training required:

Manual available, will need 2-hour training with the staff

Expectations of Veterinarian assistants:
  • Being a SAS veterinarian assistant is all about dependability and initiative. To be an effective volunteer in this role and to get the most out of your experience, you must be well prepared

  • Once volunteers know their work routines, they are expected to work with minimal supervision. Following through on tasks ensures the animals are receiving the best possible care. Staff are always available to answer questions.

  • Must be able to professionally represent SAS

  • Must have own personal health insurance and carry insurance card while volunteering

  • Medical clearance with updated vaccines/titers (rabies/tetanus, etc) within 2 years

Other information:
  • There are multiple hotels/hostels nearby to stay in while you are spending time with us in Kanchanaburi for a reasonable price. Buses, motorcycle, and taxis can be used for transportation.

  • SAS Thailand also has two bungalows that were constructed for the shelter guests and donors. One three-bed bungalow is available for rent for volunteers only if you’d like to live on-site. This bungalow is equipped with one bathroom and an air conditioner. Wi-fi is available on-site. We do not seek to make profit from this rental but ask for a nominal fee to contribute to electricity, water, and internet expenses in order to operate this bungalows, if you wish to stay on-site. Donation is $500 per month. This bungalow can accommodate three guests maximum. 

Fill out the form above if you're interested!
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